What Does “Arrived at Linehaul Office” Mean on AliExpress? A Complete Explanation

Have you ordered a product on AliExpress and noticed the tracking status says “Arrived at linehaul office”? This status can be confusing if you’re not familiar with how shipping logistics work. In this article, we’ll explain exactly what it means when your AliExpress order arrives at the linehaul office.

A Quick Summary of What We’ll Cover

We’ll start with a brief overview of AliExpress shipping and tracking. Then we’ll explain what a linehaul office is and why your package goes there. Key things we’ll cover include:

  • How AliExpress Standard Shipping works
  • What a linehaul office does in the supply chain
  • Why packages seem to get “stuck” at the linehaul office
  • What you can do if your order is delayed at this stage

Understanding the linehaul transportation process will give you more clarity on your shipment status. Read on to learn all about this important logistics step!

How Does Shipping and Tracking Work on AliExpress?

When you place an order on AliExpress, the seller ships your item using AliExpress Standard Shipping. This is a worldwide delivery service used for most orders on AliExpress.

Once the seller dispatches your order, you receive a tracking number. This allows you to follow your package’s progress towards its destination.

The tracking shows every step as the parcel moves through the logistics network. It starts in the country of origin, then travels internationally before arriving in your country and clearing customs.

One of the common statuses you’ll see is “Arrived at linehaul office.” But what does this mean?

What Is a Linehaul Office?

A linehaul office is a transportation hub that moves parcels over long distances. It receives shipments from sellers and sorts them by destination country.

The linehaul company consolidates packages going to the same region. It then transports these goods in bulk via air or sea freight.

So the linehaul office is responsible for moving your AliExpress order from China/Asia over to your country. It’s a transit point between the origin and destination.

Your package will usually arrive at the linehaul facility 1-2 weeks after the seller dispatches it. Spending a few days here is normal during international shipping.

Why Your Package Spends Time at the Linehaul Office

There are a few reasons your AliExpress order gets “stuck” at the linehaul stage:

  • Consolidating goods – AliExpress sellers have to consolidate all orders going to your country before dispatching them in bulk. This takes some time.
  • Meeting flight schedules – Your package has to align with the linehaul company’s airline or shipping schedules. There may be a delay waiting for the next available transport.
  • Transferring to final logistics provider – The linehaul office passes your parcel over to the delivery service responsible for the last leg to your address. This handover can cause a short hold up.
  • Customs procedures – International shipments undergo customs checks and clearances before continuing to you. The linehaul facility handles this process.
  • Volume of packages – If a large volume of orders are moving through the linehaul warehouse, it adds to the processing time.

So in summary, parcels normally spend a few days at the linehaul office organizing transport, customs, and transfer to final delivery. It’s a routine transit point, not something to be too concerned about.

What to Do If Your Order Is Delayed at the Linehaul Stage

If your AliExpress order seems stuck at the linehaul office for longer than usual, here are some things you can try:

  • Wait 2 weeks – International linehaul transportation often takes 10+ days. Allow some time for your package to start moving.
  • Check tracking daily – Signs of progress include clearing customs, being loaded for transport, or transferring to your local courier.
  • Contact the seller – If there are no updates after 2 weeks, message the seller on AliExpress. They can look into it or extend buyer protection.
  • Dispute claim – For lengthy delays of 30-60+ days with no delivery, you can open a dispute and request a refund.
  • Be patient! – With standard shipping times of 20-40+ days, some hold ups can happen. Keep an eye on the tracking but avoid stressing too much.

The linehaul facility is a regular step in international delivery for AliExpress orders. Now that you know what it involves, useless “stuck” statuses won’t cause confusion anymore!

Key Takeaways on the Linehaul Office Stage

To recap what we learned, here are the core points:

  • The linehaul office receives your AliExpress package from the seller and sorts it for international transport.
  • Consolidating orders, meeting flight schedules, customs, and transferring parcels causes inevitable delays here.
  • 1-2 weeks at the linehaul warehouse is normal – contact the seller if no updates after 14 days.
  • Use tracking to watch your shipment’s progress once it leaves the linehaul facility.
  • Have patience! International shipping takes time, including transit points like the linehaul office.

We hope this breakdown gives you clarity on the linehaul transportation process that moves your AliExpress orders worldwide. Understanding and tracking this important step will give you peace of mind about your shipments.

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