What Does an Import Scan Mean on UPS Tracking? (2023 Full Guide)

departed from airport of origin package

Receiving an import scan notification on your UPS tracking can be confusing if you’re not familiar with international shipping procedures. This scan indicates your package has arrived in the destination country and will go through customs clearance, which can take some time. Read on for a full guide to understanding import scans and what they mean for UPS packages in 2022.

What is an Import Scan on UPS Tracking?

An import scan is triggered when an international UPS package arrives at the destination country’s international UPS facility. This scan means that the package has entered the country where it will be delivered.

At this point, UPS has received the package from the shipper and will now process it through import customs procedures in the receiving country before delivery.

Why Did My Package Get an Import Scan?

If your UPS tracking shows an “import scan,” it means your package is being shipped internationally from its origin country to your address in a different destination country.

All international shipments must go through customs clearance procedures after arriving in the country of delivery. The import scan indicates that your package has arrived at the UPS import facility and will go through this international customs process before continuing to you.

What Happens After an Import Scan on UPS Tracking?

After receiving an import scan, your package will undergo necessary customs procedures required by the destination country for international shipments. This includes:

  • Documentation processing and verification
  • Duty and tax assessment and payment
  • Security screening and inspections
  • Clearance confirmation once customs procedures are complete

This customs clearance process can take anywhere from a few hours to several days depending on the destination country. UPS will submit the required import documentation and work with customs to get your package cleared as quickly as possible.

Once clearance is complete, another scan like “Departed from Facility” will show that your package has exited customs and will continue to you.

How Long Does It Take for a Package to Clear Customs After Import Scan?

There is no standard time frame for how long an international package takes to clear customs after arriving in the destination country. Clearance times can range from just a few hours to 5 business days or longer in some cases.

Some factors that influence customs clearance speed include:

  • Destination country and specifics of their import policies
  • Shipment content type and value
  • Accuracy of customs paperwork from shipper
  • Volume of shipments currently being processed
  • Any issues flagged during screening

While UPS works to expedite the process, the delivery timeliness ultimately depends on individual customs agency processing times in your destination country. Continue monitoring the UPS tracking number for status updates.

What Does “Processed Through Facility” Mean After an Import Scan?

If you see a “Processed Through Facility” scan after the original import scan, this means your package has successfully cleared customs and left the international UPS facility in the destination country.

This scan indicates the package has completed necessary import processing and will now move on to the next stage of transit before being delivered to you.

Can a Package Be Returned to Sender After an Import Scan?

Yes, in some cases a package can be returned to the shipper after initially receiving an import scan. This will happen if customs denies entry of the shipment for regulatory reasons like prohibited contents, invalid paperwork, or failure to pay applicable duties.

Other reasons for return to sender following an import scan may include incomplete address, refusal by recipient, or inability to clear customs after several attempts.

Is an Import Scan the Final Stop Before Delivery?

An import scan does not necessarily mean your package is out for delivery next. Typically, there are still intermediate stops after clearing customs but before reaching your final destination address.

For example, the package will likely move through sorting facilities closer to your delivery destination before arriving at your local post office. There can also be additional transport between UPS locations via truck or plane.

Continue monitoring the UPS tracking – an “Out for Delivery” scan will indicate the final transportation leg before your package arrives. The import scan is an important milestone, but still expect additional transit time even after it clears customs.

Key Takeaways on UPS Import Scans

  • Import scan means package has arrived in destination country and will undergo customs processing
  • Clearance times vary widely, from hours to days depending on country policies
  • Subsequent scans like “Processed Through Facility” indicate customs clearance is complete
  • Package can still go through additional sorting/transport before “Out for Delivery”
  • Entire international delivery time depends on origin, destination, and customs efficiency
  • Keep monitoring tracking for each status update until package is delivered

Understanding the key meanings behind UPS scans like “import scan” will help you know what to expect as your package makes its way to you internationally. With the right context, you can better predict delivery timelines.

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