How To Write A PO Box Address On Amazon(Over The Shoulder Guide)

Ordering packages online and having them securely delivered to your home is super convenient. But what if you don’t have a physical street address for delivery? Is getting Amazon orders sent to your PO box possible?

The short answer is yes – with some limitations. Amazon can deliver to PO boxes, as long as the package meets certain size and shipping restrictions.

This article will explain everything you need to know about using a PO box address for Amazon orders. You’ll learn how to enter your PO box address correctly, what delivery options are available, and any limitations to be aware of when shipping to a PO box.

Let’s dive in!

What Is A PO Box Address?

A PO box or post office box is a locked box located inside a post office building. PO boxes provide secure mail and package pickup and delivery for those without a physical street address.

To get a PO box, you simply rent a mailbox at your local post office. You’ll be assigned a unique PO box number and street address for the post office location.

A PO box address typically looks something like this:

Jane Doe
PO Box 123
Main Post Office
12345 Main St
Anytown, NY 12345

The PO box number, city, state, and ZIP code are key details needed for addressing packages correctly.

Can Amazon Deliver To PO Boxes?

The good news is yes – Amazon can deliver many packages directly to your PO box address. However, there are some restrictions around size, shipping speed, and Amazon programs that limit PO box delivery.

Here are the high-level guidelines on Amazon PO box shipping:

  • Amazon Prime: Most Prime-eligible items can ship to a PO box. Exceptions include oversized items requiring freight shipping.
  • Free shipping: Items shipped via standard free shipping can go to a PO box.
  • Expedited shipping: Faster ship methods like 2-day or next day shipping generally don’t deliver to PO boxes.
  • Size limits: Packages must fit inside PO box to be delivered. Larger boxes require a street address.
  • Amazon Fresh/Pantry: Groceries and household items ordered through Prime Pantry or Amazon Fresh do not deliver to PO boxes.
  • Age limits: Certain products like alcohol, medication, and weapons/ammunition cannot be shipped to a PO box.

So you can see there are some limits around PO box delivery with Amazon. But many everyday packages and Prime-eligible items can still be sent to your PO box without issues.

How To Enter A PO Box Address On Amazon

Entering your PO box address correctly on Amazon is important to ensure packages arrive securely at your post office. Here are some tips:

  • In Your Account, add your PO box as your Default Shipping Address. This will populate for future orders.
  • In the Address Line 1 field, enter your PO box number and “PO Box” (e.g. PO Box 123).
  • For Address Line 2, input the street address for your post office location (e.g. 12345 Main St).
  • Enter the city, state, and ZIP code as normal.
  • For the Phone Number field, add your personal phone number rather than the post office’s.
  • Make sure the Country selected is United States for domestic PO box addresses.
  • Do not use any extra symbols, dashes, or text in the address lines. Keep it simple and clear.
  • Review address is correct before final checkout to avoid shipping delays or errors.

Following these steps will ensure Amazon processes your PO box address properly for hassle-free package delivery.

Using An Amazon Locker For Bigger Items And Parcels

For oversized items that won’t fit in your PO box, consider shipping to an Amazon Locker location instead.

Amazon Lockers are self-service kiosks located inside convenience stores, colleges, shopping malls and more. The lockers function like PO boxes – you’re assigned a unique locker number to ship to, then can pick up your package using a provided pickup code.

Lockers can accept large items up to 19 x 12 x 14 inches. So if that big flatscreen TV won’t squeeze into your little PO box, send to a locker nearby to grab at your convenience instead.

During checkout on Amazon, select Amazon Locker as your delivery option and search for locations in your area. Enter the assigned locker number as your shipping address.

Using Amazon Lockers also prevents stolen packages since deliveries won’t be left unattended on your doorstep.

Can You Get Amazon Prime With A PO Box Address?

Amazon Prime provides fast 1-2 day free shipping on millions of eligible items. And the good news is that yes, you can sign up for Amazon Prime using your PO box address!

As long as your PO box meets the size limits for each Prime shipment, most items will deliver quickly right to your post office box.

Just remember that oversized items may still be restricted if they don’t fit within PO box dimensions. Make sure to check item measurements before ordering.

You can receive all other Prime perks like Prime Video, Amazon Music Unlimited, Prime Reading, Prime Gaming and more by registering with a PO box address.

Amazon Prime costs $139 annually or $14.99 monthly. But you can often find discounts like free 1-month trials and student rates. There’s no extra fees for PO box delivery, so take advantage!

Getting Faster Shipping With General Delivery To The Post Office

Want even faster shipping speeds to your post office? Consider using General Delivery instead of your PO box.

General Delivery is a free USPS service that allows you to ship packages to your local post office using just the city, state, and ZIP code. No PO box number needed.

To use General Delivery:

  • Enter delivery address as Your Name, General Delivery, City, State, ZIP Code
  • Select fastest shipping speed available
  • Packages will arrive at post office in 1-2 days
  • Bring photo ID to pickup packages

The advantage of General Delivery is it often provides quicker shipping. The downside is packages are held behind the counter just 14 days before returned to sender.

So General Delivery is best for time-sensitive orders you can pickup quickly. Use your PO box for items you need longer-term storage for.

Troubleshooting: When Amazon Won’t Ship To A PO Box

Despite Amazon’s PO box delivery options, you may occasionally run into issues shipping certain products. Here are some reasons Amazon may refuse a PO box address and how to resolve:

  • Item size too large – Select an Amazon Locker location or friend’s address nearby for bigger items.
  • Hazardous products – Certain flammable, pressurized or dangerous items cannot be shipped to a PO box for safety reasons. Consider a locker or commercial address instead.
  • Age-restricted orders – Alcohol, medication, weapons, ammunition, etc. require an adult signature and face-to-face ID check. Use an Amazon Hub Counter location which accepts regulated items.
  • Amazon Fresh/Pantry orders – Since groceries and household supplies cannot go to a PO box, enter a friend’s address or switch to regular Amazon orders.
  • Invalid address – Double check PO box number, street address, and ZIP code entered match your post office location details exactly.
  • New account – Amazon may restrict PO box use until your account is verified. Place a small order shipped to a street address first.
  • Fraud prevention – If your order seems suspicious, Amazon may require a street address for added security. Clear up any issues to restore PO box shipping.

As you can see, there are ways around most PO box shipping restrictions. With some savvy workarounds, you can receive all your Amazon orders almost anywhere!

Recap: Key Takeaways For Amazon PO Box Delivery

Ordering packages to your PO box is convenient for those without a permanent street address. While some limitations exist, many Amazon items can still be delivered.

Here are the key tips to remember:

  • Verify item size, weight restrictions before PO box shipping
  • Enter PO box number and post office street address correctly
  • Prime and free shipping items are typically PO box eligible
  • Use an Amazon Locker for oversized or restricted items
  • General Delivery provides faster shipping without PO box
  • Troubleshoot address issues to remove PO box blocks

With the right address entry and delivery options selected, you can ship Amazon purchases to your PO box smoothly. Never miss out on great online deals just because you lack a physical address.

So go ahead and send those Amazon orders to your PO box without worries. Just be sure to grab your parcels promptly once delivery confirmation is received to keep your PO box clutter free!

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